There are lots of things in the beginning of a relationship that you won’t do, but the more relaxed you get- your standards slip and stuff starts happening in front of your partner that once would have made you run away and hide. Farting, cutting your toe nails, putting on your moustache cream, plucking stray hairs- really unsexy things like that. But it seems that Brits still draw the line at going to the toilet in front of one another according to, with a huge 47% still saying ‘no’ even if in a long term relationship. We find out why!

Do you?

Do you?

Too embarrassing! Most couples believe that this is a solo activity and I’m inclined to agree- as passion killers go this is pretty up there.

Private moment- If you want to check your phone, read your post, or go on your laptop while peeing, this is something that should really be done in private- it’s essentially ridding your body of waste- why would anyone want to see that?

Put their partner off them- You're mid coitus and you realise that your partner's 'sex face' looks exactly like his toilet 'concentrating face'. Urgh! Or when you do the cowgirl position all he can see is you sitting comfortably emptying your bladder! Nooooo!

This cautious bunch said that they would probably never feel comfortable enough to go to the toilet in front to their partners and always lock the door if their partner is in the house just in case they walk in accidently and get an eyeful.

For those who have no inhibitions when it comes to their partner- there had to be at least 6 months of dating that passed before doing this activity in front of their significant other, however some bold individuals used the toilet in front of their partner practically straight away.

Peter Gregg, Director of, made the following comment:

“Toilet habits are often a cause of embarrassment. This can be even more so in front of a partner, particularly new ones. The image of the perfect English rose can be rocked a little by the call of nature! But surely in a long term relationship, people should know each other well enough to be comfortable in almost any situation? According to our study it seems that this isn’t necessarily the case. There really shouldn’t be cause for embarrassment though. After all, what happens in the bathroom is one of life’s natural functions, which everybody needs to do. If your partner has a problem with it, then maybe the problem lies with them?”

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