Today is National Gumdrop Day- It's a given that you have to buy each other a bag of gumdrops or choose one together- it's your only chance- do it while you can!

They brighten your day- They are little cone shaped, sugary bursts of colour that bring joy to whoever eats them.

You can bake with them!

You can bake with them!

Gift giving is always received well- You may have bought your partner something for Valentine's Day, however small, inexpensive and regular gifting keeps things fresh and shows you are always thinking of your partner even when you're apart.

You can bake together- Gumdrops are the perfect decoration or ingredient for cakes and cookies, so why not get into your baking groove with each other and make something gumdrop flavoured that you can enjoy afterwards?

It brings out the inner kind in you- Sweets will always take you back to your school days and make you reminisce about tuck shop and the corner shop by your house where you used to buy penny sweets from. It will encourage you to share your stories from when you were young and be nostalgic for an evening.

It reminds you of Christmas- As the January Blues fade you can think back more fondly over the festive season rather than feeling sad that it's gone. Gumdrops are historically used in decorating Gingerbread houses, so it will encourage you to talk about what you did at Christmas in a more positive light. Perhaps you might think about what you will be doing this year too.

It will help with the mid-week Blues- If you're feeling sad about being back to work, nothing brightens the day more than when you leave work and come home to your partner AND a bag of sweets.

You can use them to spell out words- If leaving them in the bag is too traditional for you, why not lay them out to spell, 'I love you' or 'be mine' or something cheekier?! It shows a little more effort and tells them how you feel.

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