It’s Mother’s Day today and if you are the daughter to an amazing mum- you might recognise some of the reasons why your bond is so special.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

She’s always honest with you- She won’t let you walk out the door looking like a clip, let you jabber on with food in your teeth and will tell you if you are out of line.

Her hugs are as good as a thousand words- Her cuddles always make things feel better even if you thought your life was falling apart before your embrace.

You can talk to her about pretty much anything- She doesn’t mind if you quiz her about friends, your love life, health stuff or career decisions- she’s been there and done it and nothing fazes or embarrasses her anymore.

She always makes the best food- Nothing compares to her homemade creations- Nothing. It’s like love in a ladel or heaven in a hotpot.

She knows when you are upset- Even when everyone else has fallen for your convincing ‘I’m fine’ line, she can have you in tears in minutes because she recognises that you need to let it all out.

She knows what you need before you do- Everything she has ever bought you has been invaluable at some point- even if at first you thought she was mad for parting cash with a seemingly useless gift.

You can talk for hours- About big things or little things- but the point is- you put the world to rights with every phone call.

Even when you think she’s being unfair- She’s only looking out for your best interests. She just wants you to be healthy and happy even if sometimes if feels like she’s trying to kill your buzz.

She worries about you all the time- You might be all grown up now, but she still stresses when you don’t text her back or when you’re doing a long trip in the car. Being a mum means an eternity of being on edge wondering if her baby is safe and that is a pretty big sacrifice to make for anyone.

She will always be your best girlfriend- Forget about your mates from school, your university chums or people you are close to at work. No friendship will ever be stronger than the one you have with your mum. She has been with you the longest after all.