As the British economy gets better, a new study has found that men are spending more on dates according to

Where do women get spoiled the most?

Where do women get spoiled the most?

According to the findings, the most generous city is Cardiff. Apparently this city is full of generous men who are prepared to splash the cash on their date. Men here are willing to spend up to £165, which is more than double the cost of an average first date. But what does this go towards? A meal? Drinks? Cinema? Theatre? There is scope to do a lot on this budget.

Close behind were the men Glasgow, who will shell out £153 to woo a woman. In London the accepted amount to spend on a romantic evening is £122. Men in Leeds spend £133 and Cambridge males spend the least at £111.

"Statistics show women in the United Kingdom are still making an average of 19.7 percent less than men," said Brandon Wade, CEO and founder of "Since men are unfairly making much more than their female counterparts, it's only right for bachelors to spend a little extra on dinner to woo a potential mate."

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