When you're on a date- the last thing you want to do is embarrass yourself, but it would seem that many single Brits are having a disastrous time of it. Here are the worst of all the dating disasters according to Arnicare and what you can do to overcome such scenarios.

'I dropped food down myself'

'I dropped food down myself'

'I dropped food down myself'- This is the perfect opportunity to make a joke- along the lines of 'how did I miss my mouth?' or 'do you think the shop will believe I bought it like this when I take it back?'. It happens to everyone so don't freak out.

'I tripped/fell over'- The ideal time to ask them for a hand up so they feel like you're hero!

'I took a date to a terrible film'- It's an excuse to go out with them out again- to take them to see a good one.

'I bumped into an ex'- If you're going to see them at all- better to be on a date so you don't have to stop for awkward chatter- It shows you're moving on too.

'I got food stuck in my teeth'- If your date is kind enough to tell you, it gives you the chance to sneak off and top up your make-up while removing the offending item!

'I misread the situation and went in for a kiss'- We've all read the signals wrong- so why not make it light-hearted and just say- 'wow I totally misread that- so sorry.'

'I choked on my food/drink'- And that's when you can signal for them to pat your back and come to your rescue.

'My Mum called during my date'- If you're close to your family- it can spark the conversation between you and your date about them and hopefully they will feel the same way about their loved ones.

'I forgot my money'- Again, you can turn this into a second date- and tell them you'll pay for the next one.

'I smashed a glass'- You can give them an insight into your world and tell them you only have plastic cups at your place. Then you might talk house.

'I spilled a drink over my date'- You could offer to take them shopping to buy them a replacement- and get another date out of it.

'I ended up in A&E'- If they stay with you- you know they're worth a second date.

'I burned myself'- Maybe they will kiss it better for you?

'I walked into a lamppost/window'- At this point you can tell them that you're clumsy- while you're learning stuff about each other- at least you're being honest.

' I got my skirt tucked into my knickers or left my flies open all night'- Brush it off and just say something like 'I'm glad I wore the pretty ones!'

'I had a fake tan disaster'- Cover up the part on your body it happened to and depending on how comfortable you feel with them- give them a sneaky peek at your legs or your arms during the night to make them laugh.

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