Their shocking split made headlines all over the world - Hollywood's leading couple Brangelina is heading for a divorce, and I'm taking a look at both their charts as to gain some clues about what is going on at the moment in their lives and which influences may have triggered these recent events.

Brad and Angie are really well-matched with their charts boasting lots of constellations that create a strong mutual attraction. She has her sun in Gemini, which is Brad's relationship sign, and in turn, he has many personal planets in Capricorn, Angelina's relationship sign.

While the emphasis in Brad's chart is on Sagittarius and Capricorn, in Angelina's chart it's the exactly opposite signs of Gemini and Cancer. This can stimulate feelings like having found the missing piece in a jigsaw and certainly draws two people to each other with a mighty force. With his Venus conjunct his Moon, Brad is looking out for a feminine woman with a very caring, motherly character, so Angelina's sweet-natured, children-loving Cancer Ascendant plus her Venus sitting on top of it must have beckoned to him straight away.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Angelina's chart reveals that transiting Saturn, her relationship ruler, has been opposing her sun all the way since December 2015 actually. It appears that important issues in her marriage arose back then, possibly leading to mounting dissatisfaction, frustration - perhaps boredom and stagnation - and in the end to her decision to file for divorce from her partner of nearly twelve years.

As Saturn is trining her Ascendant ruler, the Moon, and thus activating her strong sense of family and belonging indicated by her Cancer Venus and Ascendant, it is obvious that she has her childrens' best interest at heart. The trine indicates that most likely the split won't mean a drastic loss of emotional stability to her, but looks more like a sad but necessary decision - Saturn is a specialist for the unavoidable and a rather big fan of decisions - that from her point of view was made for all the good and sensible reasons.

In Brad's chart, transiting Saturn (that rules marriage and relationships in his estranged wife's chart!) is now in a most prominent position right on his Ascendant: This is a very crucial phase in anyone's life and indicates that now the time has come to reach a new level of maturity, to take stock of one's life experience and achievements thus far. It's about facing the facts as well as taking responsibility, and considering that he reportedly "got wasted" and abused the children, Brad certainly needs to have his wits about him to deal with those accusations and defend his credibility and veracity (= Saturn). Also he's got Pluto, the planet of transformation, directly activating his relationship ruler Mercury, which means that a profound change of pattern in his relationships in general is underway. This will be a very deep experience and may possibly feel quite traumatic for him at the moment.

Another thing is that both of them have Uranus square Ascendant: This points toward a life being led at a rapid pace with quite a bit of turmoil and restlessness involved. With an approach characterized by this energy, you never know with absolute certainty where you're going and where you'll end up. Chances are it'll become so fast and exhausting at one point that it ends in an unexpected collapse. Bearing this in mind, Angie and Brad's gypsy-style globetrotting for many years combined with their rapidly growing family may have been exceedingly draining and now taken its toll on both of them.

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