Is this your guy?

Is this your guy?

Betta Living has found that the average man checks himself out for 56 minutes every day!

That equates to 340 hours and 355 days in a lifetime that they are looking at their refection for!

Their obsession with their appearance has taken over from women- who only spend 43.5 minutes per day looking at themselves.

So are men getting vainer? The answer is yes according to 52% or honest males in the study. It is affecting relationships- woman are now questioning their existing routine, possibly having to up their game to stand proudly next to their new buffed man rather than skulking off into a corner. Bathroom habits are suddenly changing, which is causing arguments- as well established routines are being messed around with.  

The whole process for a man begins with a quick look when they first get out of bed. Many men admit that their morning routine has become much longer to take into account the time they spend on male grooming. Plucking their eyebrows, fake tanning and doing their hair has become commonplace for many men now. So if you are suddenly seeing less of your man- pay attention to his ‘getting ready’ regime and see if it’s longer than yours! The resounding worry among women is that their partner might become prettier than them!

We take a look at an average ‘Reflector’ day.

16.5 minutes looking at themselves in the mirror on a morning.

5 minutes checking themselves out on their car mirrors

15 minutes in the toilet at work, in the pub, motorway service stations, at the gym.

4.5 minutes in shop windows

7 minutes staring into computer screens or handheld devices.

8 minutes while brushing their teeth before bed.

Some men are not doing it to admire their appearance but 35% simply want peace and quiet and to avoid domestic duties. So the next time he tells you he is going upstairs to tend to his personal grooming, check he’s not hiding from doing the hoovering!

Betta Living spokesperson, Barry Rourke said: "Society no longer believes it strange for men to have their own beauty regime. In fact, there are now hundreds of male only products available on the High Street.

"And it’s men who are becoming the dominant decision maker in bathroom accessories – making sure the mirror meets their needs. That never used to be the case - men used to shave and wash their face and brush their teeth and anything else was, at one time not so many years ago, thought of as a little effeminate or un-manly.

Rourke added: "A modern man using beauty products to look his best is considered very normal in 2014. So men no longer have to feel insecure about preening and looking in the mirror is no longer the social no-no it used to be.

"It is still something of a novelty for men, however, and potentially that is why they spend so long admiring themselves in the mirror - substantially more than the average British woman, according to these statistics.

"The opportunity is there to be taken advantage of and British men are embracing that opportunity wholeheartedly."



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