Men with large feet will have large shoes, yes, but they are also more likely to stray from their marital bed according to Their new study found a positive correlation between a man's shoe size and their likelihood of having an affair. Men who exceed a size 10 are more likely to cheat than those who fall under the size 10 mark.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

The most monogamous men have feet between the sizes of 7 and 9. The most likely man to seek an extra marital affair is a guy who's a 10.5 in the shoe department. So if your fella takes this shoe size- you might want to pay closer attention to what he's getting up to.

Spokesperson for, Christian Grant, said:

"While many would argue that there's more to having an affair than one's foot size, the data doesn't lie. Men who sport a shoe size of 10 and over account for 85% of all men on the site, with the remaining 15% having a shoe size of 9 and under.

It looks like women whose husbands have small feet can sleep relatively comfortably at night, while those with husbands who have a big pair of loafers should perhaps be more mindful."

Those who were labelled celebrity cheats in the media all sport a shoe size of 10 and over, so it would seem that same applies for men in the spotlight too.

The same did not apply for women as there was no correlation found between show size and adulterers. The most common shoe size of cheaters was 6.5.

"While women across the country have something to potentially stress over, the nation's husbands have the privilege of not having any feet related paranoia," said Grant.

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