His and Hers Tattoos: Trashy or Tasteful?

His and Hers Tattoos: Trashy or Tasteful?

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have sparked rumours that they have got his and hers tattoos after they were seen exiting a tattoo parlour recently.

They’re one of the cutest couples in Hollywood and although we have nothing but faith in their relationship, they’re going to look pretty stupid if they have matching tattoos then break up.

If they’ve taken the leap, they certainly won’t be the first to have done so. Sienna Miller and Rhys Ifans had matching tattoos when they were together and now they’ve got to live with the constant reminder.

Of course, the most troublesome couple in Celebville, Rihanna and Chris Brown, have matching tattoos too. This might be the reason they keep getting back together, as well as the fact the Rihanna has lost her mind.

Let’s not forget, it might all seem very romantic at the time but it could serve to be quite embarrassing later on as Kat Von D found out.

She recently got a matching tattoo with current partner Deadmau5, but she also has matching tattoos with her previous partners Jesse James and Nikki Sixx – awkward!

If we’re being honest, matching tattoos are better than having a name tattooed onto your body.

If you remember, Katie Price had Peter Andre’s name tattooed on her wrist and once they broke up, it all got a little too much for her and she had a massive, and quite frankly disgusting, cross tattooed through his name – not the best cover-up job we’ve ever seen.

Luckily for Emma and Andrew, there are some success stories in Celebville. Take Beyonce and Jay-Z for example.

They’ve both had IV tattooed onto their ring fingers, and even if they do split, they can say it represents their daughter Ivy. Clever, clever couple!

Basically, as we said before, it may all seem like fun and games at the start and you may think it’s the perfect way to show your love for each other but as you can see, there aren’t quite that many success stories at the end of it.

Save yourself the time and money and if you really wanted to show each other your commitment then throw a promise ring on their finger, it’s a lot cheaper and easier to remove.

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