In support of's new #LoveYourImperfections campaign, the dating service has tried to find the perfect 'Santa Bod'. They sent five santas out on the streets of London and let members of the public hug them. The santas were of varying shapes and sizes to find out who had the most desirable 'Santa Bod' of all.

Snuggle up to a Santa Bod this Christmas

Snuggle up to a Santa Bod this Christmas

The ideal 'Santa Bod' came in a at 38 inch waist demonstrating that the perfect bod for Christmas is one with a bit of insulation.

In response to this- Match has come up with 'Santa Bod' cushions for Christmas so singles can hug him throughout the festive period when they feel the need.

The cushions have a wrap-around arm, a red and white tunic and a big fluffy beard. They all have a brandy belly too so they are huggable and fulfil a woman's need for a man with a bit more about him.

Kate Taylor, dating expert for Match, said: "We all worry about our physique when we're dating, and it's inevitable we put on a few extra pounds over the holiday season. But more often than not a chunkier partner is better to hug, so it's no surprise the well-padded Santa bod was the most popular. It sends a lovely message to us all - that we are lovable, and huggable, whatever 'imperfections' we might worry about. Tis the season to be cuddly!"

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