Today is National Tortilla Chip Day so we have compared your typical man to the Mexican dish of choice and its sides too. Which one have you fallen victim to?

Which man are you attracted to?

Which man are you attracted to?

Mr Tortilla Chip

He's flaky, you can't depend on him for much because he changes his mind at the last minute and is too lazy to think of something interesting to do on your dates when he does show. You never know whether it's worth getting all glammed up for a date in case he might cancel. He's snappy too- at the least important things- you can never prepare yourself for what mood he will be in.

The Guacamole Guy

He's the jealous type. Even if you give him nothing to be jealous of- he still manages to make you feel like you have encouraged a flirtation with some other random guy. He sulks and doesn't tell you when something has bothered him- but it's usually to do with some dude that you haven't even noticed yet.

Mr Sour Cream

The exact opposite of the Guacamole Guy. He's chilled out and lets it all wash over him. He's smooth- of course- sometimes a little too smooth, forgetting that his behaviour can lead other women into thinking they have a chance with him because he pays them more attention than you. He turns any night sour because of his attitude to 'free love'.

The Salsa Saucepot

He's passionate and loves to dance. He is not afraid of his slightly feminine side, or his very flexible hips- he just wants to move and loves everything about love. You will never have to worry about this one forgetting your birthday or an anniversary.

The Juicy Jalapeno

He's hot! There is no denying that this guy is attractive- but it comes at a price, something that looks nice and tastes nice can sometimes have an after affect. This one is not faithful and you are so mesmerised by his charms that you forget that the next day you will be left with the love bug- without the love- just the bug.

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