As Love Island finally returned to our screens this summer, 3 million of us Brits tuned in to watch hot singletons find love – with a sprinkling of drama to spice up our week nights. It’s fair to say that the UK was obsessed, and this comes as little surprise; Love Island actually has a very impressive success rate! Two babies and engagements later, our inner hopeless romantics can be completely satisfied by the ‘island of love’.

Love Island taught us some romantic lessons!

Love Island taught us some romantic lessons!

With twists and turns at every corner, each night we were treated to a refreshing dose of nail-biting drama. Although, while this was entertaining, it’s also important to consider the important love lessons that we learnt from this year’s Love Island series.

From the importance of loyalty to bravely following your instincts, the humour of this year’s Islanders certainly didn’t detract from the important underlying lessons learnt throughout. To highlight these and boost your confidence in finding love, Ben Edwards, a self-confidence expert and relationship coach, offers insight into the 4 love lessons we learnt from Love Island 2018.

1. You've gotta be loyal, babe!

If there’s one word that encapsulates this year’s series, it’s "loyal"... Georgia Steel defiantly stated on a regular basis that she’s “loyal, babe, and that’s just who I am”. Yet, Georgia was unfortunately met with disappointment when partner Josh ended their relationship for newbie Islander, Kaz.

Although, there were relationships in the villa which highlighted the value of trust, and the many benefits in remaining loyal. Most notably, Dani and Jack; together from the very beginning, this pair quickly became a fan favourite and subsequently went on to take the crown. This reminds us that it’s important to find a partner we can trust entirely, without having to worry that their head will be turned. Loyalty is a quality which, as Georgia would agree, should not be underestimated.

2. We all need to trust our instincts

This series was undoubtedly filled with unexpected dramas and a record-breaking number of shocking dumpings, as the Islanders often showed no hesitation in following their instincts and jumping ship. The most memorable example of this is arguably the ‘Wegan’ love story; initially coupled up with Laura, 20-year-old Wes abruptly ended the relationship for Megan, famously suggesting that he was “happy, but could be happier”. This was a decision that didn’t sit well with viewers, who quickly jumped to Laura’s defence and predicted a fast demise with regards to this new relationship.

However, Megan and Wes lasted until the final and came in fourth place; happily still together, they’re defying all expectations. Seemingly, there are times when we all need to simply trust our instincts and follow our gut; you should not be ashamed to prioritise your own well-being and happiness. Although, you might want to approach this a little more delicately than Wes did...

3. The easiest decisions aren't always the right ones

With new bombshells around every corner in the villa and public votes that threaten to shake things up on a regular basis, we quickly learnt that the easiest decisions aren’t always the right ones. For example, after weeks of remaining single Samira Mighty found love with newbie Frankie and their relationship quickly flourished. However, Frankie was unexpectedly dumped from the Island, leaving Samira single again and having to find a match. Of course, the easiest option would have been for Samira to remain on the Island, arguably faking a connection and potentially taking home the £50,000 prize as a result. Yet, Samira bravely chose to leave the Island and pursue her romance with Frankie in the real world; giving up the opportunity to continue in one of the country’s biggest TV shows certainly wouldn’t have been an easy choice, however, Samira stuck to her guns and made a decision that suited her at the time.

4. Confidence is key

The goal of Love Island is to find your perfect match and return home happily in love. However, many islanders do not have such an idyllic experience on the island... two candidates who encountered several hurdles along the way were Laura and Alexandra. Having been dumped twice, Laura managed to make it to the final happily coupled up with partner Paul. Despite multiple disappointments, Laura continued in her search for love and never waivered in her ability to look on the bright side.

Meanwhile, Alexandra entered the villa later on and filled the entire nation with excitement when she announced that she actually did fancy Dr. Alex. However, her revelation was only met with difficulty as Alex appeared to pick her up, and drop her, whenever he pleased. Alexandra subsequently gave an iconic speech in which she demanded respect and put an end to his ‘games’. Although Alexandra left the island still single, she did so with her head held high and thousands of viewers stood firmly behind her.


It seems that no matter your goal nor the difficulties you’re experiencing in your relationship, maintaining confidence and recognising your own self worth is key to finding happiness. For more relationship advice, visit

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