Laundry Tops List of Heated Arguments Among Couples

Laundry Tops List of Heated Arguments Among Couples

When you think of the subjects that might cause couples to argue the most, you may think of bills, chores or accusations of affairs but you’d be wrong.

New research by Panasonic has shown that it is in fact laundry that causes the heated arguments.

Washing piling up, clothes being ruined in the wash, and ironing were all issues that caused the most arguments in British homes.

One thing that got on women’s nerves the most was that they were the only ones in their household to do the laundry.

Men admitted that they would often try and avoid doing their fair share, which only fuelled their partner’s rage even more!

Men even admitted to purposely washing things badly in order to get out of doing it again in the future.

To keep from any future arguments, Linda Dykes from TV show Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners has outlined her top cleaning tips:

1. Don't wash your bed linen with clothing items. Sheets are on your bed for a lot longer than you wear clothes, allowing odours and dead skin cells to build up. Washing sheets by themselves allows proper room for them to clean and breathe.

2. Don't overload your washer as items will not be cleaned as well. Overloading creases items, which means you are more likely to have to iron them. Using Panasonic’s Steam Action Washing Machines helps, as clothes come out less creased than those with the conventional wash or dry cycle.

3. Remove stubborn yellow sweat stains by adding a small capful of bleach to your washing powder during a standard cotton wash.

4. If you spill any oil based substances such as foundation on clothes, scrub the area with a little squirt of washing-up liquid and rinse it off before putting it in the wash immediately.

5. If you’re pressed for time, you can refresh clothes using washing machines with Steam Action-Technology, such as the Panasonic NA-140VZ4 and NA-140VS4, which deodorize laundry in between full washes.