Who's yours?

Who's yours?

We all have them- those men that are not conventionally attractive but have that je ne sais quoi about them. So we have pulled together a list of men who we have secret crushes on in the office- let’s see if you agree!


Kevin James


He’s funny, he’s cuddly and he’s got a great smile. What more could you need in a man??


Tim Roth


Mainly for his role in Lie to Me- he's intelligent, a smart dresser and a little bit arrogant that is appealing to every women in small doses!


Gordon Ramsay


He can cook you any tea you want and doesn’t take any crap off other people! Boom!


Hugh Bonneville


Mainly for his English gentlemanly demeanour in Downton Abbey- he is poised and always knows what to say but has a soft side too!


Noel Fielding


He has a twinkle is his eye that says you would have more than a nice dinner and fruitful conversation on a date! ;)


Keith Lemon


He would simply laugh you into bed!


James Martin


Much like the Ramsay- you will never go hungry with this one around. His manly stockiness is a lot more tasty though!


Alan Rickman


Maybe not as Snape as someone suggested in the office but to have conversation to him in that voice…… *goosebumps*


Jeremy Irons


Like a lot of the other men on this list-a smooth talker wins many women over without having to do much else- and he’s a true thespian- that’s always hot!


Phil Spencer


It's all about the caveman qualities with this one- he can find you somewhere decent to live and he will make your bits twitch when he speaks to you with those posh toff tones! And he always wears a suit! *hold me*



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