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Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Forget meeting the parents, introducing your partner to the family Christmas traditions is the next big move in your relationship. Every family has their own quirky Christmas rituals. There are the baubles only mum can hang on the tree, a bottle of Baileys only Santa can drink and of course, that one Christmas movie you only watch on Christmas Eve. Home Alone is a common family favourite. It all sounds pretty innocent until you welcome someone new into the family and they break one of the rules. Suddenly, the cosy Christmas atmosphere turns cold and you know, this partner will not be here next Christmas.

If only there was a guide on how to introduce your partner to every family Christmas tradition.

Christmas movies

Let’s start with an easy one. Christmas movies. Some families refuse to watch anything after 2000, while others are far too into Disney and the latest Netflix chick-flick. Before the festive period officially begins, try watching a range of festive movies with your partner alone. This way you can get a rough idea of their preference in movie and, of course, change it to yours in due time. Hopefully, they don’t class Die Hard as a Christmas movie.

Christmas shopping

When it comes to buying presents with a partner, it’s all about patience, effectiveness and organisation. Very few people enjoy shopping in crowded stores with the pressure of Christmas Day looming over them. Take your partner Christmas shopping months in advance to avoid raising their stress levels. This includes online shopping as well. There is nothing worse than ordering a present online, only to discover it will arrive after Christmas Day.

Remember, ‘little and often.’ Your partner is less likely to get spooked if they are spending smaller amounts over a few weeks compared to hundreds in one day. Trust me on this one.

Christmas Trees

Are you a real or fake tree kind of person? When it comes to Christmas traditions, families get particularly passionate about the tree. After all, it is the centrepiece to all the other decorations. It is best to avoid all discussions on this debate between your partner and family members. Divert the conversation away from the tree.

However, if your partner is helping to decorate the tree with your family then diverting the conversation may be a little more difficult. Baubles, tinsel and a whole host of other tree decorations are now involved in the debate as well.

Remember that you have been raised with the Christmas tree rules, but your partner has no idea which baubles they can and cannot touch. Try to give them a quick lowdown on the baubles only mum can hang and the sentimental ones they need to be extra careful with. We don’t want your great-grandma turning over in her grave as her favourite bauble smashes at the hands of your latest boy toy.

Christmas Eve

If your relationship has survived this far, then your partner might just be the one. Unless you have different traditions when it comes to Christmas Eve night. If one of you is into matching pyjamas and a movie and the other, wants to get drunk at the pub – you have a problem. You can either spend the most magical year of the night apart, or compromise.

Get drunk while watching Christmas movies? Sounds perfect to me.

Christmas Day

Whether you’re opening presents or lying in bed hungover, the day is finally here! It must be serious if your partner is already spending Christmas Day with your family. However, if you are spending the big day apart then remember to give them a call and wish them Merry Christmas. Let them know you’re thinking of them on the day – and maybe say a little thank you for putting up with your family’s whacky traditions.

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