Drinking too much can have a negative impact on you as an individual but also those around you like your partner, so it's important to think about this if you are prone to one too many.

Eat with your drink of choice

Eat with your drink of choice

Five ways to stop alcohol ruining your relationship

Go alcohol-free- A lot of people are going sober for January- so why not join in? Soon you will learn that the best nights don't have to fuelled by alcohol. You can have a fizzy drink at the cinema or cosy up in booth with your partner over non-alcoholic cocktails and still have a good time. It should be more about the company than the drink on a date anyway. Who cares if there is not a single shot with mixer on the table if your partner is there to give you a good time?

Stay within the government's lower risk guidelines- If you do feel like a drink then stay within the guidelines of what you should be drinking for your sex. Women should not exceed 2-3 units per day which is equal to a pint of beer at 4%. If you promise to keep track of each other's intake then you shouldn't go over and help keep you both healthy.

Snack smarter- If you want a drink then make sure that you eat before during and after you are consuming it, as food reduces the rate your body will absorb the alcohol. On what other occasion would you only drink and not eat? So if you go out for a meal and have a glass of wine with it, order one to three courses to soak up the drink.

Talk it out sober- Don't pick a fight with your partner when drunk. Save it until you are both sober and in a calm place- nothing ever gets done when you are both screaming at eat other probably saying things you don't mean.

Choose the soft option- If you are having food and alcohol- add some soft drinks into the mix- preferably water. You will thank yourself in the morning when you are hydrated and able to cope better with what you have consumed. If your partner is fresh on a morning, then you may stay in bed but not because you are hung over!

Information was originally sourced from the Drinkaware website- for alcohol advice and facts about alcohol visit:


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