Today is National Simplicity Day- a day for simple living in natural surroundings. With busy lifestyles, it can be hard for couples to take a step back and simplify their lives together. To slow down, tune into each other and the simple things they have at their disposal. Lovers can struggle to see through the clutter and get a balance.

Are things getting out of hand with your partner? Simplify!

Are things getting out of hand with your partner? Simplify!

Once a couple is able to do this- they can find heightened pleasure and less stress. We look at the ten ways you can do this with your partner.

Try to be uncomplicated first- If you can't make sense of something yourself, try writing it down and figure it out before presenting it to your partner. Many arguments arise from miscommunication- if you can't understand your feelings, actions or what you've said- your partner has little chance of doing the same. Try to get a good understanding of yourself before looking outwardly and this can filter into your relationship too.

Find your own groove- Ignore what tradition dictates or what other couples tell you- find what's right for you both. If you pay attention to outside forces, it can complicate things between you and your partner. You are all that matters when it comes to your relationship- no one else.

Work through your problems together- Placing or escaping blame will only extend your point of reconciliation. Own up when you're in the wrong and be accommodating when your partner has done something that's had a negative outcome on your both. It's happened, it's done- move on and find a better way to deal with it next time, put a plan in place or forget and forgive. Grudges will grind you and your relationship down.

Avoid being materialistic- At the end of the day, what you have in your home is just stuff- things that you don't need- just things you think you want. What's really important is that you have the basics and each other- not a new couch or bigger car. What would you rather lose? Your significant other or an expensive necklace? Inject your energy into what's really precious.

Avoid jealousy- Trust in your partner. People will come and go who could pose a threat to your relationship but even if their intentions are destructive- that doesn't mean that your partner will succumb to them. Let them deal with telling them and have faith that they love YOU.

Be honest with each other- If you don't want to do something- tell them, if you feel uncomfortable with what they've said- let them know. If they know where they stand with you- there is no confusion. Sometimes it might not be what they want to hear but at least you are being transparent- and vice versa.

Take breaks away- It doesn't have to be a weekend in a luxury spa- but little breaks outside of your home will benefit you both- a change of surroundings and something to plan for are positives within a romantic pairing. It could be a picnic at the park, a walk in your local woods or an inexpensive camping trip. Think creatively- not about the price.

Forget role expectations- Don't avoid doing something because it's traditionally done by one gender or another- help each other where you can with whatever needs to be done. Throw the 'husband and wife' rule book out of the window and just be mindful and considerate of each other at all times.

Say what you mean and mean what you say- Don't say something in the heat of the moment that is going to hurt your partner's feelings. They will remember it for many years to come. Wait until you are calm and have collected your thoughts before discussing something you disagree over.

Similarly don't play guessing games and make your partner figure out what's wrong with you. It's a game no person wants to play. It only prolongs the process if you give them false information because the truth will always come out.

Spend time together- and apart- The simple truth is- couples function better when they have time with each other and time with friends and family as well as time alone.

Give each other the opportunity to miss time spent together and you will cherish it more. Extended periods of time with no one else can exacerbate niggles and breed resentment. If time away is an expectation of your relationship- no one will get hurt.

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