Today is National Renewal Day- a day for starting things you’ve been meaning to for a while and for looking at life anew. Just because something is stale doesn’t mean you have to get rid of it- all it takes is a new perspective and a fresh look. Here are a few tips on how to apply this to your relationship without any drastic measures.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Start something you’ve been putting off- Whether that’s joining the gym, eating healthily or taking up a new hobby together. Whatever you’ve put on the back burner- bring it forward and do something to kick start it.

Try a new sex position- If you’ve fallen into the trap of having sex the same way every time- try something new- you might hate it- but you never know- you might love it too!

Give your date night/day a boost- If all you do on dates is go to the cinema, out for a meal, or stay in and watch a movie with a take away- plan in something you’ve never done before. Ice skating, bowling, segwaying, a tree top adventure or a spa day for instance. And from now on each of you can be responsible for arranging a surprise date every month.

Clean up your living space- If you haven’t sorted out your joint belongings for a while- now is the time to go through every room and make a decision to keep, to bin or to give away.

Put something to use when you’ve had a clear out- When you go through your stuff, you a will inevitably find something you forgot you had. Rather than getting rid of this one thing- use it! Play that board game, charge and put that gadget in the back of the cupboard in to action or spend that activity gift voucher.

Move your furniture- If your furniture isn’t working for you- why not have a play around with it and make it more suited to your lifestyle and movements?

Clear out your wardrobe- Put on each item and ask yourself- ‘Does it suit me?’ ‘Do I like it?’ ‘Do I wear it?’ If not- get rid. Do the same for your lover and then go out clothes shopping and get some new items together.

Cook a brand new meal together- If you’re in the habit of cooking the same seven meals every week- seek out a new recipe, get the ingredients in and cook up a storm together. It might end up on you food list every week.

Redecorate a room- If the wallpaper is falling off, the glossing is looking a little tired and the furniture has seen better days- why not give it a make-over?

Replace something in your home- If there is something in your home that’s causing you grief because it’s not working properly for either of you- change it- like a new bed or barbecue.

Plan something new in the diary-  If your calendar is empty- plan things in to look forward to that you’ve never done before. Go to a concert and watch a band you’ve never seen before, book a weekend away somewhere new, buy tickets to see a comedian you’ve never seen live, take a trip to the theatre to see a show that neither of you have gone to before, pay a visit to a theme park- but not your usual one.  

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