It’s Rekindle Romance Week, exactly six months after Valentine’s Day, and new research from Choosey Cards examined how couples keep their relationships special and exciting. They quizzed one hundred couples about the romance in their relationships – was it a once a year extravaganza for Valentine’s Day or did they keep it blooming all year round? And how can couples still surprise each other?

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Based on the research, here are some fool-proof ideas to rekindle that romance and fall in love with your partner all over again.

Cook For Each Other

Cooking together can help you bond, working as a team to create something beautiful and delicious that you can both enjoy. You can try new things together, and even if it doesn’t turn out quite as you imagined, you’ll love the fact that you made it together.

Cooking for your partner can be an intimate experience, and a great way to show that you know them by cooking their absolute favourite meal. There’s nothing more romantic than coming home from a difficult day at work to find your favourite meal waiting for you. And don’t underestimate the pulling power of breakfast in bed!

Use Your Knowledge

Sometimes the smallest of gestures can have a big impact. Over time you’ll learn hundreds of tiny details about this person, which can be huge signposts that you care about them if you use them properly. Their favourite movie, their favourite clothes, the brands they use. You know all these things, and you can make sure your partner is never without them. It may seem simple, but a physical reminder of your affection can be comforting when you’re apart, and a romantic message will help them feel the love no matter where you are.

Take An Interest In What They Like

A great way to surprise your partner is to take more interest in a hobby or passion of theirs. A sport, a favourite band, a game, whatever it is, you can learn more in secret for a fantastic surprise. Even if it’s something you can’t directly do with them, having a shared interest to discuss or enjoy together will help bring you even closer, as well as showing you’re committed to being a team.

Get Physical

Over time your sex life can become dull. This isn’t anyone’s fault, it’s natural that you’ll start to see patterns and become accustomed to certain ways of doing things. But there’s always new things to try. The research found sex was an important part of staying close to the other – mentally as well as physically – and couples would spice things up by trying something new. Broadening your horizons together can be an adventure that lets you learn more about yourselves and each other, and will deepen the trust between you.


Choosey’s research found that 66% of couples said “I love you” daily, however 8% of couples never say it. It’s so important for your partner to know you love them. Even if you feel like you don’t have to, it never hurts to say it. There are so many you can tell them you love them, but the original and the best is still to look them in the eye and tell them.

Remember to show your partner how special they are this Rekindle Romance Week, and continue to surprise each other throughout the rest of the year and beyond!

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