It gets to that stage of your life when all your friends are settling down and starting a family whilst you’re still skipping from man to man unable to hold down a relationship.

How To: Hold Down a Relationship

How To: Hold Down a Relationship

Of course, there is nothing wrong with this if you’re happy to continue having fun but if you’re looking to settle down then this can be a problem.

Here are some tips on how to find your perfect man and hold down the perfect relationship.

What’s the Problem?

If you’re looking for long-term relationships but finding it hard to hold one down then it’s time to ask why.

Is it the type of men that you’re going for? If you’re constantly going for a good time guy who just wants to have fun then you’re never going to hold him down.

Ask yourself why previous relationships haven’t worked out and focus on fixing the problem.

Actually Date

Instead of just picking guys up at bars or rushing into relationships, actually give dating a try.

It doesn’t matter how you do it, whether you meet through a friend or via the internet, what’s important is that you move at a steady pace and give dating a good go.

If a guy who you’re interested in is more interested in seeing your bedroom walls rather than going on a date with you then you know it’s not going to last.

Keep Things Fresh

Once you’ve finally committed to a guy, it’s important to keep things fresh and constantly be trying new things together.

The reason most couples call it time is because they fall into a boring routine which seems to drive them apart, leaving both of you looking for new, exciting things.

Make a pact to have a date night once a week as well as being adventurous both inside and outside the bedroom.

Be Honest

If something isn’t working for you then let your partner know and encourage them to do the same – as they say, honesty is the best policy.

A good way to approach this is by letting your partner know how you feel without being negative, so try suggesting a way for the problem to be improved.

This will give each of you something to work towards, and will make it so you’re not simply criticising.


It’s important to remember that relationships are about give and take. No relationship will run completely smoothly but if you’re honest with each other and keep the romance alive, it makes it a hell of a lot easier!

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