by Kathryn Alice

Credit: Morgan Sessions, Stock Snap

Credit: Morgan Sessions, Stock Snap

Many people who are not in the first blush of youth or have been looking for love for a while end up wanting to just give up.

Navigating the dating waters can seem challenging, but I've had great success in helping those who have struggled with finding love to finally connect with their One.

If you're ready to find the love of your life, here are some tips that have proven effective:

  • Look for the one who cannot see past you. Wild enthusiasm is a sign it could be the right one. Lack of it is a deal-breaker. You should not have to look for signs that the person might be interested. That should be apparent.
  • Make sure anyone you date is available and find out before getting too involved. If they're in a divorce pending situation or not over their ex, move on. This applies to you, too. If you have a lagging divorce or are still living with your former flame, clean up your act!
  • Be willing to go slow. Anyone who is truly interested will give you the time you need to make sure it's real and not push you to go faster than you're ready to go.
  • Get your flirt on. Those who chronically end up in the friend zone forgot about flirting. Flirting is defined as a light sexual communication that can be verbal, behavioral or done in any number of ways. Everyone -- even the shyest amongst us -- has a flirting style. The key is to find yours and get back in practice with flirting.
  • It's okay to internet date as a tool. But it's still just an introduction. Look for connection in real life, too, and don't put all of your eggs in the internet dating basket.
  • Send out a "soul call" for your One. This is something I teach. It's an energetic invitation for love to come, and it is powerful. So many don't realize they've got a "do not disturb" sign up that keeps love away.
  • Give chemistry a chance. Don't write someone off too easily if there is some promise there. Chemistry can change as you get to know someone, so it's worthwhile to explore even if attraction is not initially strong.

Even if it's been hard, you still can hope for love. It could be just around the corner. The wall of weddings we have accrued as we've helped those who have almost given up is a testament to the fact that there is always a chance to find love.

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