Britain is being encouraged to be more confident and embrace their inner Va Va Voom after research from Match today revealed Brits consider themselves to be the least sexy in Europe. So we caught up with Match dating expert Vicki Pavitt  and asked her to provide her top tips for feeing on top of the world this Valentine’s Day.  



Take yourself out on a date and romance yourself - Think about your dream date, where would you just love to go and what kind of things would you love to do? This date is all about YOU so make it extra special. Book it in the diary just like a date you would make with someone else and enjoy romancing yourself!

Slow things down - Take a break from rushing around and sloooow things down. Start with taking your time when you eat and focus on your senses - smell your food, take a moment to really taste your food and savour every bite.

Step into wonder woman’s boots - Practice power posing like wonder woman in the mirror for a couple of minutes each day, it’s a guaranteed instant confidence boost!

Write yourself a love letter and pop it in the post - Write a letter of love, support and encouragement from your older self to the woman you are today. Write about all the ways you love your little quirks and express gratitude to those imperfections that make you unique. Then pop your letter in the post to be opened on Valentine’s Day.

Start your day by dancing like Beyonce in your living room - Stick on pretty much any track on the ‘Dangerously in Love’ album and shake what your mama gave ya. See if you can channel that Queen Bey attitude for the rest of your day and beyond.

Look up and smile - As you go about you day today, look up and smile at strangers to connect and engage with the world around you.

Turn your morning shower into a pamper session - Make your morning shower extra special, use a leave-in conditioner or a luxurious moisturiser. And why not linger in a silk dressing gown before getting dressed.

Declutter your wardrobe - Invite your friends over for an evening of decluttering, throwing out the clothes in your wardrobe that don’t make you feel sexy to make room for the clothes that do.

Big yourself up - Just for today, obsess about the things that you love about yourself rather than the things that you don’t (and feel free to carry on with this if it feels good!)

Discover what works for you - Is it wearing silk pyjamas to bed, drinking water out of a wine glass or wearing red lipstick. Discover what makes you feel confident and sexy and own it!

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