So many people admit that writing a novel or getting published is on their bucket list- but they haven’t yet put pen to paper. If your partner is one of these people, here are some things you can do to help them achieve their dream.

Buy them a journal

Buy them a journal

Give them a journal- You can wait until the New Year or buy them one now- but a journal is a great way to encourage your partner to write something every day. It could be about the day’s events at first- but they might start to write down ideas for stories too.

Encourage them to read- If you are a reader yourself- why not ask them to come to bed with at the same time and you can read together? Or spend a day reading in the sunshine. It’s a good habit to get into if they want to generate ideas and see how others are doing it.

Help them to find a local writer’s group- If you have one near you- this is a great way to get the juices flowing because they’ll probably be expected to write something for each meeting and they can spend time with other like-minded people.

Read their writing- If they take the time out to write something- make the effort to read it. Give them constructive criticism and show an interest. It’s important to them so it should be important to you.  

Give them space to write- If they want to dedicate a night a week or a few hours at the weekend to their writing- give them some quiet time and find something to do that won’t disturb them.

Talk them up to other people- If they’re not keeping the fact they are writing a secret- tell other people how proud you are of them to take on such a huge task. The sooner they start identifying themselves as a writer- the better.  And you never know what can come of talking about it with others- new contacts, inspiration, a willing proof reader or the simple sharing of a common interest.

Travel to places of inspiration- If they want to write a book that’s set in a particular place- make sure you visit and talk about it as you’re looking around, encourage them to take photos and notes.

Talk with them when they’re at a sticking point- Every writer will get writer’s block at some point- so it’s good to talk it through when this happens. You never know if you put your heads together- you might just unleash their creativity once more and come up with an idea for the next chapter, a new character or even a backstory.

Console them when they get knocked back- If they submit something and it gets rejected- give them a hug and remind them that it’s all part of the process. It doesn’t mean they are a bad writer it just means their writing is not the right fit for that publisher and to keep on going.

Believe in them- They may get published or they may not- but if they keep going- they will write a book in the end. So believe they can do it and give them as much praise and support as you can along the way.

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