Today is Singles Awareness Day so we take a look at why it's great to be on your own the day after Valentine's Day. There's nothing wrong with being single and here's how to celebrate.

Have some 'you' time

Have some 'you' time

Buy yourself chocolate/cake-

You can get high end chocolates and heart shaped cakes for a fraction of the cost- and you don't have to share. Winner!

Treat yourself to a luxury item-

You didn't have to budget for a gift for a partner so you might as well spend it on yourself.

Go out with your other single friends-

Why be alone? Get together and go out for a meal, have a night in with some treats to talk or go to the cinema- anything to enjoy some company with likeminded people.

Send a bouquet of flowers to yourself-

If you want a lovely spread for your vase, it won't cost the earth and you can pick exactly what you want rather than settling for a bouquet of your least favourite flowers.

Buy yourself a slap up dinner-

Order in so you can stay in your pjs. Push the boat out and get something you never do because it's more expensive that your usual choice- it's a one off- you can justify it.

Send yourself a Valentine's Day card-

You'll be able to pick one up for next to nothing- and why not show yourself some love? The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself so make sure you indulge in some self-care first. You could even pop a voucher inside for a little shopping spree. 

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