Today is National Old Stuff Day- a day to stop doing the same old, same old and try something new.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Why not take a few moments to think about the things you do each and every day- can you make them better? Whatever you choose- try to brighten up your and your partner’s day today or another day this week with some new stuff. Here are just 10 suggestions to get the ideas flowing:

Wake up a little early- And have sex. If your mornings are just a haze of showering, brushing your teeth, making your lunch and leaving the house- make more time for some intimacy. If you don’t feel like sex, a passionate kiss or a snuggle for a few minutes might make you excited about coming back to bed later. 

Make breakfast in bed- Rather than guzzling it down before you head out the door or eating it at your desk- make it up, put it on a tray and enjoy it together in bed so you can properly prepare yourselves for the day both mentally and physically.

Have a shower together- If you usually have separate showers, why not hop in together? If you give yourself a bit more time in the morning, you can enjoy it jointly rather than it being a regular, solo activity.

Send them a text out of the ordinary- If the only texts you send are what yor’ve going to have for tea, how cheesed off you are at your boss or co-worker or the joint bank statement- it’s time to shake things up. You could send a sexy text, or just one saying ‘I love you’, a hint at what you want to do later- whatever it might be- throw routine out the window.

Call them at lunchtime- If you both have lunch at the same time- why not leave the office and give your lover a call? You can do all your venting at this time and then you have the evening to do with what you want. Even better- if you work near each other- meet up and have dinner together.

Make a reservation- If all that awaits you is a TV dinner- you could make a reservation and surprise your lover with it when you get home. You can both put on your smart clothes and head out for some good food and even better conversation. 

Try something you’ve never done together on a weeknight before- Pop to your local ice skating rink- go and have a game of laser quest, travel to your nearest drive in cinema, play a board game or find a new location for a romantic walk. 

Book a hotel for the night- If you don’t fancy sleeping in your own bed- then book a night in a different one. Yes, you have to get up early the next day, but if you’re blessed with working close to one another and home- this should be an easy thing to do. You can pop home, pack your bags and off you go.  

Go shopping and buy each other something new- But don’t tell each other what it is- just buy it and bring it home for the grand unveiling. It might be a new set of underwear your partner has been keen to see you in or vice versa, a gadget for your home to get you both doing something new or an experience you can do together like an outdoor activity course or a Segway ride in the woods.

Make a plan- If today goes well, then alternate it so each of you has to think of something new for every day or every week. That way you are both always thinking of ways to keep your relationship fresh and the burden doesn’t lie with one person.  

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