I think that all of us women secretly expect to have to spend the holidays alone while reading romantic novels to the cat whilst crying at the John Lewis adverts on the TV. Well have no fear, online dating site SingleThisHoliday members have listed some simple steps to guarantee that you get something in your stockings this Christmas…you might even get some presents too!

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

1. Do a scan

When you get to the awesome Christmas party that you have wrangled an invite to, scan the room to see if there is someone you want to meet. If you don't see anyone who looks dateable, talk to the friendliest person in the room to keep building your social skills. Use every opportunity to make new friends. Do not sit down and hope someone finds you.

2. Position yourself

Stand near an entrance, refreshment area, aisle, or water fountain. If you go with friends, unhook from them at some point and stand alone. Be accessible and approachable. I've heard people say they saw someone they wanted to meet, but the person was in a booth with four friends. They couldn't get near the person and there were too many people listening if they had tried to talk.

3. Enter the zone

If you see someone interesting, move within talking distance and make a friendly comment. This is a critical time, from "entering the zone" to "closing" the conversation. If you get interrupted at any point, statistics have shown that it is unlikely you will get a chance to pick up the thread and complete the encounter, so be focused.

4. Think of wearing or carrying something that is a conversation starter

When you're out in public venues, carry a book, tennis racquet, guitar, or even an empty birdcage. Wear a hat with a logo. Wear a shirt with the name of your school. These should not just be props but something that is authentic to you. The point is to don an accessory that encourages people to talk to you and makes it easier for them to be friendly and ask questions. Having said that, remember to draw the line somewhere, that means no nipple tassels, they chafe, believe me.

5. Take it Easy on the Eggnog

Sure, it's perfectly acceptable to have a glass or two of eggnog, especially to help calm your nerves, but don't push it past the point of no return. Getting drunk on the first meeting makes you a liability to your potential date, and it also ensures that he won't be interested in a second date.

6. Resist wearing a ring on any finger

When people are looking at you from across a crowded room, they can't tell which finger your ring is on. They may mistake it for a wedding ring and, therefore, not approach you. Talk about a deal breaker.

7. Get Your Boogie On

So he thinks he can dance… and maybe he can, but what he is dancing to is just as important as how he dances to it. Everyone's taste is different so I'm not knocking any genres of music here. I for one answer the question of "what kind of music do you like?" with "anything I can dance to." I'm just saying, if you can't vibe to the same tunes, then groove is probably not in the heart.

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