Today is National High Five Day- a day for giving your lover the high five after something great. Here are just a few examples of when you might want to clash your hands together in recognition of a job well done. 

When you win at something!

When you win at something!

When you've had a top notch sex session- There was no farting, no queefing, it was longer than your average romp and you both orgasmed at the same time- boom!

When you've cooked something that doesn't go wrong- You worked well as a team, there was little mess afterwards and the meal you made was edible- whoop!

When you agree on a film to watch- Normally you spend an hour scrolling through Netflix or Now TV before giving up and going to bed. When you find something you both want to see you can't press the play button fast enough.

When you have a really good date night- It wasn't planned and you did everything on the spur of the moment but somehow it all came together. Excellent conversation, food and sex was had by all.

When you choose the best meal on the menu- You've never eaten in this food joint before but you both happen to select the most delicious offerings they make and it feels GOOD.

When you win at something- A board game, crazy golf, an Easter egg hunt- whatever it might be- if you work as a pair you have to publicly brag about your success by doing a very exaggerated high five.

When you both come out of the cinema and enjoyed the movie- Normally- it's one or the other and the only time you agree is when you both hate the film. When you both leave with a smile on your face and that feeling of a well spent couple of hours- it's worth some palm contact.

When you wake up from a long lie in together- There's nothing planned for the day and you're both tired from a gruelling week at work. All you have is each other and as many hours as it takes to feel well rested without being woken by the alarm.

When you shop together and both get everything you need- You're in and out in a flash- no drama, no tears and no disappointment. It feels epic.

When you make up flat pack furniture successfully- It has made you argue, throw things and fall out in the past- but this time it went together without a hitch and it's a beautiful feeling.

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