A study has found that women's attitudes toward dating have dramatically shifted.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

One in three women are happy to remain single for the rest of their lives, they don't believe a happily ever after has to involve a partner.

The remaining 70% say that they are happy to have settled down when they did.

Modern women look for a good sense of humour in a partner, revealing that this is the most important thing in a mate. Those women who are already married value loyalty above all else.

Of the women who are not looking to settle down, one in ten singles date men with the intention of having sex and no more.

This is reflected in dating venues as more and more dates are taking place in coffee shops and cocktail bars so less singles are investing time in the people they're attracted to.

Fifty years ago, the cinema and the pub were the most popular places meet dates, which required more time in each other's company than the impulse culture we now live in.

17% of dates are now arranged through an app, which speaks volumes.

George Christoforakis, founder of Rendeevoo who commissioned the research, commented "It is interesting to see that almost a fifth of dates are now organised through an app.

"The online dating scene is changing at speed. We see a large percentage of modern women (51 percent) are looking for "friendship and companionship" in a date - you don't get that from in-app chat.

"Modern women are instead craving face-to-face meet ups with someone for real, and simply want to use their apps as a way to find who's out there and better organise their dating diary - and a cocktail in a cool bar helps!"

For those females who believe in marriage, they think that the ideal age for marriage is 27, compared to the generation before who got married at a much earlier age of 22.

Fifty years ago, the ideal age to meet your soulmate was 19, but this has increased to 276for the modern day woman.

Half of women from the older generation feel that the younger generation are missing out by waiting so long to find the one and to have family. From this generation's point of view- many believe that their mothers and grandmothers settle down too soon.

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