Most couples have guilty pleasures they wouldn’t want to admit to other people- but nevertheless, they exist. If you’re in a relationship- are you guilty of any of the following? Probably…

We know your secrets!

We know your secrets!

Having an extra scoop of ice cream or slice of cake- And if you both do it- it’s fine- there is no judgement when you are both benefitting from the deal.

Ordering takeaway because neither of you can be bothered to cook- Even better when it’s on a week night.

Watching Disney films and cartoons as an adult- Sometimes you just can’t adult anymore.

Falling asleep in front of the television- Together, under a big, fluffy blanket because you don’t have to get up in the morning.

Watching Netflix/catch up TV or films back to back all day- Duvet days are the best- especially when you have stock piled your favourite shows.

Having an extra tea break when you should be working- So you can send your partner a cheeky sext.

Ordering enough takeaway to feed a small family- But it’s alright because you get to the eat the leftovers tomorrow!

Stealing soaps and toiletries from hotels- You love to pretend you’re giants when no one else is looking.

Staying in your pyjamas all day- Well they’re so much easier if you’re in the mood.

Having a whole pack of biscuits with a cup of tea- If you have a lot of gossip to go over- you need the snacks to get you though.

Drinking juice directly from the carton- Compared to the other things you put your mouth around at home- this is quite innocent.  

Snooping through other people's pictures on Facebook- And commenting on them together so you feel like the superior couple.

Curling up with a cup of tea and phone/magazine when you should be doing the chores- If neither of you mind living in a pig sty then it’s ok.

Proving your partner wrong about something- A feeling like no other that has to be accompanied by a happy dance.

Eating a family size tub of ice cream or bar of chocolate to yourself- While your lover eats another.

Listening to cheesy pop- And moving to it however you want because you’re no longer on the pull and have to dance sexy.

Eating cereal for dinner- Because you can. And there's very little washing up afterwards. 

McDonald's breakfasts- The ultimate way to show your partner that you love them.

Watching daytime television- It’s a sign that you’re both off and neither of you can summon up the energy to think of anything else to do.

Buying a joint present- Even the most expensive things don’t seem that bad when it’s split 50/50.

Having breakfast in bed- Also a bribe to get some morning sex out of your lover.

Getting back in to bed on a Sunday afternoon- For a nap and a grope- maybe some sex.

Buying food you know your partner hates so you can eat it all on your own- But it’s ok- they do the same so you don’t have to feel bad.

Eating Nutella out of the jar- And spreading it on each other…

Airport drinking at breakfast time- It’s your well-earned once a year holiday- you can do what the hell you like.

Watching cat videos on YouTube- Even if you don’t find them funny- your partner’s reaction is precious.

Watching the next episode of a box set, ahead of your partner- And perfecting your surprised face for the climax.

Eating the stash of sweets and chocolates that are supposed to be for your lover- And buying replacements so they don’t know about your bingeing episode.

Having more than one takeaway in a weekend- You both work hard so you can justify it.

Pulling a sickie- Together. But this only works if you work at different places.

Reading an adult novel e.g. 50 Shades of Grey- And trying out the moves on your partner before giving up because it requires too much effort.

Hiding your favourite food from your partner- So when they have their ‘me time’- you can eat it and not have to share.

Watching trash TV- Because it makes you feel better about life.

Weird celebrity crushes- Then you both make a list of people you are allowed to sleep with if they ever enter your life.

Doing multiple Buzzfeed quizzes- To establish who is the most intelligent of you both.

Inspired by findings from Tetley Indulgence. 

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