This year has been an amazing one for inspirational v/blogger Grace Victory. With her debut BBC documentary 'Clean Eating's Dirty Secrets', being one of the most watched shows on the network, she is quickly taking over! Now she is currently hosting a brand new series, MTV Sex Squad.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

MTV Sex Squad launched last Monday (3rd October) on MTV's Snapchat Discover. On the show, Grace openly talks to her celebrity guests about their relationship, body and sexuality experiences then puts viewer questions to them.

In her signature style of being real and honest, Grace has a no holds barred approach to her questioning and advice.

Exclusively for Female First, she shares her top relationship tips for dating during the social media age.

If you're arguing with your boyfriend, don't turn to Twitter to vent how much you hate him and how much you want to kick him where it hurts. It's not a look good and if he sees (he probably will) it could make the argument even worse. I've been there lol.

You've cancelled your latest Tinder match because quite frankly, all you want to do is veg out on your sofa with an entire bar of Dairy Milk (the best chocolate), plus he wasn't that good looking anyway. But what you don't know is that he's found all your social handles, including Snapchat. So don't put your foot in it by telling everyone that you've bailed on a date because you reckon he's not gonna be hot in real life.

Remember to take time away from your phone and social media so that people in your real life get your full attention. There's nothing more annoying than spending time with someone when they're constantly tapping away on their phone.

One good thing about social media that it can improve relationships and cheekily tweeting what you kinda sorta definitely must have for your birthday…….My mum has bought me presents that she's seen me talk about on my blog. She's known to get me the most random things so she feels like a boss when she gets me something she knows I really like.

Don't get sucked into couple "goals" or memes. Instagram will have you feeling like your bf doesn't show you off enough, or buy you enough, or simply do enough. If you're in a happy relationship don't ruin it by wanting more because of what you've seen online.

Remember that it's important to sometimes live for the moment, instead of capturing it for your followers. The days I've bonded and hung out with my friends or partner have been some of the best days. It's just us with no distractions!

Grace Victory hosts MTV Sex Squad for MTV.

Catch it first every Monday on MTV's Snapchat Discover.

Keep up with Grace by follow her blog, Twitter @GraceFVictory, Instagram gracefvictory and Snapchat graciefrancesca

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