Vienna has changed the lights at their pedestrian crossings ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest, to show silhouettes of same sex couples crossings or waiting to cross.

All ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest

All ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest

The lights will remain until June so when people are crossing they will see same sex lights as well as heterosexual ones.

The lights show couples walking along together or standing and holding hands, all with love hearts in between.

The Eurovision Song Contest will be on the 23rd May along with drag queen Conchita Wurst, who will perform as last year's winner. The city is also hosting the Life Ball which is an annual charity event that raises funds for HIV and Aids.

"It's an attempt to see if road safety can be improved," Sonya Vicht reportedly told Austria's APA news agency. It is hoped that the new lights will gain more attention from visitors making their trip safer.

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