As the new year approaches, we are taught to focus on making resolutions. In this article, I'd like to ask you to focus on following your dreams instead. Dreams can grow, change or expand and the new year is the perfect time to create them, commit to them and bring them to fruition. I encourage you to plan really big with your dreams in 2016! Take a chance, take a risk and make a list of things you never "dreamed" were possible before. Challenge yourself and allow others to challenge you. Do not allow others to squash your dreams, discourage you or tell you that you "can't". It is much easier to get caught up in the reasons why your dreams "can't" happen, than to realize how or why than can happen! I will not be the first or last person to tell you that "life isn't always easy", so take a deep breath, face your fears and focus on how and why your dreams can happen!

Brooke Lewis

Brooke Lewis

As much as I love the term "following your dreams", I am also a big fan of the term "facing your fears". I learned long ago in my spiritual studies that we cannot have love and fear in the same space. I believe with all my heart that our dreams are created from a space of love. Dreams are inspired by the things we love most, deep within our soul. Dreams are nurtured by that warm fuzzy feeling that makes us smile, laugh and sends tingles down our spine. If we allow our dreams to come from a space of fear, we are not free to play full out, love what we do and explore and enjoy the journey. By acknowledging and facing our fears, we will ACT ANYWAY and find the COURAGE to follow our dreams!

I love to observe the behavior of young children. Have you ever observed kids in action? They are FEARLESS! In my acting and producing career, I have always felt that the natural fearlessness is what makes a lot of young children wonderful actors. They are not yet consumed with the mind's endless "chatter" of what they are doing "wrong" or what they "should" be doing differently. They have yet to become jaded by life's challenges, disappointments or the criticism of others. Most importantly, they are not focused on what others think of them. They are free and fearless and believe that anything is possible and dreams can come true!

I'd like you to try a simple exercise with me: Sit quietly, close your eyes and just "be" for 5 minutes. "Be" with whatever feelings come up for you. Think about the dreams you would most like to come true in the new year and the dreams that INSPIRE you most. Do not let the little voice in your head tell you "No" or "That's silly, it'll never happen!" Do not judge or allow others to judge your dreams. Remember, you can dream anything and everything your heart desires!

Make your dreams come true in 2016!

Be You…And, Be Fearless!

Happy New Year, XO Brooke Lewis

- Brooke Lewis, Drama finds her in her life and work...and, she works through it fearlessly every time! Who better to life coach women than a Board Certified Life Coach who has been through "drama" in both her life and work? Award-winning actress, producer, writer and life coach, Brooke Lewis, has lived her own soap opera as a single woman on a mission to always follow her heart and pursue her dreams. Facing challenges from self-esteem to body image to heartbreak along her way, she is here to help you Be Fearless through whatever drama life brings you!

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