Whether it's Fathers Day, or his Birthday, it can be quite tough finding a great gift for your dad. Doesn't he have enough slippers from last Christmas?!

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

For those of you with single dads, the chances are you're feeling a little responsible for his happiness. Whether you were raised solely by him, or if he's newly single, you have a lot to be thankful for. Father's day is a great excuse to treat your single dad. It is after all a day that was established in honour of a father who raised 6 children as a single dad!

There are over 2 million single dads in the UK, and in London, 20,000 dads are the main carers for their children.

So what is an ideal gift for a single dad?

Your dad might find the idea of dating daunting. What if you could take his love life into your own hands? No one knows him better than you do. A date is the perfect Father's day gift and the Founder  of  datemy.co.uk lists top 10 reasons why you should get your single dad a date this Father's Day.

Saves him time

Dads are busy people. Golf takes up a lot of time. A common reason for being single is not having enough time to date. Online dating has made this easier for a lot of people, with the prospect of a date just a few clicks away. However, it can still feel like a chore. You can do all of the hard work for your dad; all they have to do is turn up!

Shows You Care

Whether you're signing your dad up to Date My, or setting him up with someone offline, you'll get the chance to champion your dad and share with others the things you love about him. This beats a, "Thanks for being the best dad" mug, don't you think?

It's thoughtful & unique

A lot of thought goes behind setting up a date. You have to find a suitable match, think of a date idea and the best thing is he won't be expecting it.

Gives him a nudge

Your dad might be in a bit of a dating rut. There are endless excuses that can stop someone proactively dating and it's easy to fall into this rut. The hard part is getting out of it. That's where you come in. If your dad isn't actively dating, you can point him in the right direction with a little gentle persuasion!

It could lead to love

You might think slippers are timeless, but imagine if you found your dads future partner? This is the Father's Day gift that keeps on giving.

Builds Self Esteem

Even if you don't find him the one, the date you put your dad on will be great practice. The expectation of a date can be quite nerve racking, and the longer they put it off the worse that fear gets. This isn't the case for everyone, but giving your dad a nudge in the right direction is bound to do wonders for his self-esteem.

Better than a tie

Did you know the most popular Father's Day gift is a Tie!? Time to think outside the box a bit, he'll be grateful for it.

Shift his mind-set

Reminding your dad how great it is to be dating, rather than the negatives can help shift his mind-set completely. If he's actively dating and putting himself out there, he's more likely to meet someone just by being more approachable. So, even if he doesn't click with someone you've found, you may have created a lot more options for him, just by putting the wheels in motion.

A treat

A date can really feel like a treat, and your dad deserves one.

Make him feel special

Finding your dad a date shows you care about his happiness. Flattery goes a long way and the chances are the nice things you say about him will make him feel great and ready to brave a date.

Rachael, Founder of Date My



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