This month is when we fall into Gemini territory so here’s all you need to know about dating one.

They can be two-faced

They can be two-faced


They are quick witted and love nothing more than a good laugh but you won’t be able to keep up with their humour because they are always two steps ahead.


If you’re not so much into the conversation- they have you covered- they will make up for you at social gatherings if making small talk fills you with dread.


Geminis show passion for the things that mean the most to them. If they love their job, they give it their all, if they have a hobby, they are committed to it 100%, if they are in a meaningful relationship they will be devoted to you for as long as you are to them.

Desire for two

Geminis like company- which is no surprise as their star sign is represented by twins. They will want to do things together so if you like your alone time this might be something up for negotiation as they are prone to co-dependence.


Geminis are fascinated by things that pass you buy. They ask questions that never even enter your mind and are curious about obscure things, but it will make you think outside the box.


Geminis like to demonstrate their originality in whatever way they can-it’s important to them that they are seen as an individual- to compare them to others is an insult.


Just when you think you have hit a dead end- they come up with a solution. You will never be caught stranded or with nothing do because they always have something up their sleeve.


Geminis are wise beings- they might not always show it, but they are all the same, so don’t underestimate them as they know more than they let on.


Geminis yearn for adventure so you need to have a zest for life if you want to date one because they aren’t content to do the same thing over and over again.


Sadly- geminis can often be two-faced- so don’t be surprised if they have said something negative behind your back or speak ill of others behind theirs- it’s in their make-up.


Geminis also like to have a good argument- even if its over something trivial. If you enjoy the challenge- this could be the relationship for you- if not and you are an expert at backing down- you could also be their perfect partner.

Centre of attention

They do thrive on being at the middle of it all. As long as you know this and allow it- then things will run smoothly- it’s when you try and steal the limelight from them that things can turn sour.


Their need for adventure often makes a Gemini restless. They insist on doing all the time or they get bored easily. Keep them entertained and you will do fine.


Along the same vein they are easily distracted- you will need to have a few things in reserve to hold their attention.


Geminis will often judge others based on very little. You might need to be the person to remind them they don’t always have the full picture.

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