Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais

We’ve all got that one crush that we’d rather not share with the world, and for the majority of us it happens to be a well-known celebrity.

We’re embracing our slightly odd crushes and broadcasting them to the world. So, do yours match up to ours?

Ricky Gervais

Ever since he shaped up we’ve been debating on just how attractive Ricky Gervais is. Sure. He’s got a dashing smile and rockin’ facial hair, but he also plays Derek. Not so attractive.

He definitely has that something about him, plus, he is part of the brains behind An Idiot Abroad so you simply have to love him. In secret.

James May

The 50-year-old Top Gear presenter probably wouldn’t make any Hot 100 lists but he definitely makes this one!

He’s the type of man that you’d love to sit and drink a cup of tea with whilst reading the morning papers and listen to him babble on about utter rubbish, yet you’d never take him home to meet your mates.

Chris Moyles

He’s controversial, crude and hosted one of the most popular radio shows in the UK (until he was bumped off for a younger model).

Despite losing tons of weight, he still reminds us of a cuddly teddy bear and we’d happily snuggle him all night long, we just wouldn’t tell anyone about it.

David Mitchell

He’s awkward in social situations, he speaks his mind without thinking about it and he’s grossly intelligent.

Unbelievably, these are all of the reasons that make him oddly attractive. As well as his perfectly coiffed hair, obviously.

Karl Pilkington

He’s balding (sorry, Karl) and has a ‘glass half empty’ view on life that he prefers to call ‘being realistic’, but despite that, we can’t help but fancy him.

His brilliant one liners and simple views on life draw us to him in a way in which we can’t quite explain.

Rowan Atkinson

Yes, don’t even try and deny it, you’ve had a crush on Rowan Atkinson forever, right? Don’t worry about it, we can totally see why.

We know, he played Mr Bean but aside from that, he’s actually very charming. And come on, how funny was he at the Olympic Ceremony?!

Jimmy Carr

He’s rude, avoids taxes and often gets into trouble for his questionable humour, but his bouncy hair more than makes up for it.

He also looks dashing in a suit, and you know how much we love a man in a suit here at FemaleFirst. Too much.

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