The Royals are Voted Most Inspiring Couples

The Royals are Voted Most Inspiring Couples

Valentine’s Day is upon us and the nation has been looking to the Royals when it comes to romantic inspiration.

It’s no surprise that Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge have come first in the Travelodge poll after their affectionate kiss on Buckingham Palace’s balcony when they wed in 2011.

They’ve been seen as the perfect couple ever since and are expecting their first child in July – expect the nation to go crazy!

They’re not the only Royals that we look to for romantic inspiration, Prince Charles and Princess Diana also made the top ten as did The Queen and Prince Phillip.

Not only has The Queen just celebrated her 60th year on the Throne with Prince Phillip by her side but the couple are to celebrate 66 years of marriage this year.

It’s not just actual royalty who have made the poll, celebrity royalty have come rather high up in the romance stakes too.

David and Victoria Beckham came in second place due to being married for 14 years, having four children together and making time for a date night every Wednesday.

There are no surprises that Jay-Z and Beyonce made the list at number four. They’re the King and Queen of their profession and are one of the most loved couples throughout the world.

Brangelina have also made the list at number seven and are more famous as a couple than they are individually!

The list isn’t limited to real people either, fictional characters also made the list. One of the most famed romantic couples is Romeo and Juliet, who made it to number five in the poll.

Twilight is one of the biggest franchises in the world and gave us the relationship between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, whose love for each other placed them at number eight in the poll.

Other couples to make the top 10 were Barack and Michelle Obama who have been married for 21 years, and Steve and Alex Gerrard.

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge spokeswoman said, “It’s the first time we have seen three generations of royal couples make the top ten listing of most inspiring romantic couples. 

“This year’s listing reveals that Britons are looking up to established couples in a solid relationship as role models, for inspiration to enhance their romantic relationship.”

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