Relationships are complicated enough, but when money is thrown into the mix, they can become even harder to negotiate.

Don't talk about money in a fight

Don't talk about money in a fight

Experian has highlighted five dos and don'ts for financial harmony from the Money and Relationship Guide:


- Have some ground rules. Figure out if you want to keep separate bank accounts or a joint one. If you opt for a joint account do you still want separate ones too?

- Negotiate over who does what. The more frugal one is probably best suited to looking after the budget. The big spender can be in charge of treats such as meals out or trips away from home.

- Agree on your saving goals and review them regularly to decide if you need to save more.

- Be honest about your previous spending habits. If you have a bad credit history, then you will affect your partner's good one if your credit reports are linked.

- If you need to improve one of your credit reports think about this well before you join your credits.


- Just talk about money.

- Keep your spending habits secret. 29% of couples have kept a credit card debt from their partner.

- Don't take out a loan to cover your debts- talk to your partner and see if they can help in some way.

- Talk about money when you are both angry- this will get you nowhere.

- Expect that if your partner is frugal- they they will spend lots if you combine your finances and vice versa.

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