Silent Night has found that more people would rather spend time with their dog on Valentine's Day than a partner. We take a look at why singles are better off with a dog than a man on today of all days.

They get you out and about

They get you out and about

They don't buy you meaningless gifts- Flowers from the service station or a card they picked up at the corner shop- you know their love and affection is genuine and enough.

They don't expect you do get dolled up- You don't have go out and buy a new dress for the occasion and put on lots of make-up- they don't care if you're in your onesie as long as you give them love.

They will eat excessively with you- They won't judge you if you want to gorge on chocolate as long as you slip them one of their treats along with you they will be happy.

They will get you out of the house- If you're feeling blue about being single they will encourage you to get dressed and go outside for some fresh air to get those endorphins moving around your body.

Nobody loves you are much as your dog- Even a partner couldn't- as long as you show them love back- you are their ENTIRE world.

They are cheaper- Forget spending money on cards, expensive meals out and gifts- as long as they have a full belly, a walk and your attention this all they need to make them happy.

They are good listeners- If you are down about being single or miss your ex and want to talk it through without judgement or input- they are great for this. They will be your sounding board if you need to get things off your chest.

They are sensitive to your feelings- Men can struggle with this at times, but dogs just know right away when something is wrong and will snuggle you or kiss you until it feels better.

They don't judge you- They don't care if you're single- in fact it probably works out better for them because they get to spend more time with you.

They are blissfully unaware of Valentine's Day- It means nothing to them and therefore shouldn't to you- just another day to enjoy with your faithful friend.

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