Do You Suspect Your Man is Cheating?

Do You Suspect Your Man is Cheating?

There’s nothing more terrifying than the thought of your man cheating but it’s something most women will go through at some point in their relationship.

Here are some tips to calm you nerves and address the situation to get to the bottom of it!


Although it can be tempting, it’s important not the fly off the handle and lose it if you think your man is cheating.

Breathe and calm yourself down before making an decisions as heat of the moment thinking can often get you in hot water.

Assess What You Know

What is it that has made you suspect him of cheating? Was it something you saw on Facebook? In his phone? Hearsay from others?

Whatever the source of your suspicions you need to ask yourself what you know to be true. If you let your mind run away with you then you’ll only get yourself more worked up.

DON’T Go Through His Things

Going through his phone and his emails means that you’re looking for something to confirm your suspicions and when you’re looking for something you’ll turn the smallest thing into the biggest deal.

Not only is it an invasion of privacy but it completely breaks the trust. If you do find something then how are you going to explain why you were going through his things?

Be Honest

Honesty really is the best policy so be honest with him about it. Sit him down and tell him what you’ve heard/seen and then ask him if you should be worried.

His reaction will give you everything you need to know the truth. You’ll know him better than most so it will be easy for you to read him.


Trust is the foundation of any relationship so once that’s broken it’s near impossible to have a healthy relationship.

Whether or not he said he cheated, if you can’t trust him any longer than it might be worth considering calling time on your relationship.

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