Today is National Public Sleeping Day so here are just some of things you might find familiar if your partner is a sucker for some shut-eye. 

They have perfected sleeping in public

They have perfected sleeping in public

Your partner can sleep anywhere- In public places, at home, in the car- they are an expert when it comes to getting forty winks when they need it.

Gifting is easy- A new set of PJs or duvet set and they will love you forever.

You know not to wake them- They don’t like to be woken up if it’s not necessary- even for sex. You’ve learned not to bother them if you want to stay on their good side. You know you’ll have a BAD day if you do.

They can’t get through an entire movie- Without falling asleep at some point- usually at most action packed or climactic part.

If they say they are going to have a lie in- They mean business.  Don’t make any plans for the rest of the day as they will probably spend half of it sleeping.

They look forward to the weekend and holidays- Just so they can sleep more than just 8 hours a night.  

Beach holidays are their idea of the perfect getaway- So they can nap in the warmth- there’s no greater pleasure than this for your significant other.

They’ve fallen asleep in company at least once- When you were hosting- it was embarrassing. Your guests left quickly after that.

They’re a nightmare- when they get a bad night’s sleep. You know to leave them well alone the day after a night of disturbed slumber or bad things will happen.

They’re a joy- when they’re fully rested. They are amazing to be around and you always have a good day together when they’ve fulfilled their sleeping quota.

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