Today is National Yorkshire Pudding Day and if you’re in love with someone from up north- you’ll know-they have some pretty distinct traits.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Yorkshire folk say it how it is- People from this neck of the woods don’t like to beat around the bush when it comes to conversation- they are honest and straight talking so your partner may seem blunt but that’s that way it’s done where they’re from. It’s not meant to be insensitive even if it comes across that way- but you know that now.   

They love tea- Tea sorts out everything- if in doubt you’ve learned to make them a lovely cuppa because it has magical powers and can solve any problem. You don’t even ask anymore- you just head for the kettle as soon as they set foot through the door.

They’re chatty with strangers- They will talk to anyone- they’re not afraid to spark up a conversation with someone they’ve never met before. You know when they’re bored of your chatter because they seek out someone else to chew the fat with in close proximity.

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They’re friendly- They love to be surrounded by their nearest and dearest. They are kind to those they love because they are sociable creatures so a full house is a happy house where they’re concerned. And the good news for you? All of their family and friends are just like them so they’re just as fun to have around.

They can be a little bit stubborn- They know what they want and what they don’t- so you always know where you stand with them because they are clear about their likes and dislikes. Plus, you can’t help but think they are cute when they dig their heels in about something.

They are filled with pride- They are proud of their place of birth and where they live- they don’t verbally bash their home like some. Yorkshire is a place to be celebrated- what you see is what you get and it makes you see the good in where you’re from too.

They love a good roast- They always look forward to the end of the week when they can tuck into home cooked veggies, Yorkshire puds and gravy- there’s nothing more British than this dish. You  no longer get the Sunday blues because there’s always good grub and laughs to be had.  

Your loved one is down to earth- Your partner is very grounded, practical and reasonable. They don’t need fancy things to make them happy and they don’t have lofty ideas about your future. They have realistic expectations and that takes the pressure off you because they enjoy the simplest of pleasures.

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