MySingleFriend have come up with a list of date dos and don'ts from around Europe. We take a look at those that are familiar to us and some that we need to brush up on if we are planning to date someone not from the UK.

In Iceland- get naked!

In Iceland- get naked!

Malta- You should always turn up to your partner's house with a gift- even if it's a houseplant- you must not show up empty handed.

Iceland- It's all about the body confidence- nudity is encouraged- so skin to the wind. Icelandic people don't date before having sex- it's the other away around. Bar dates are the best way to maintain privacy as the towns are so small that gossip spreads quickly.

Czech Republic- Ladies love to receive roses and tulips, however not lilies as these are often the flowers of funerals.

Netherlands- Splitting the bill is expected- every time.

Finland- You don't kiss on dates here and public displays of affection are frowned upon. An old saying once suggested that couples in Finland only tell their partner that they love them on their wedding day and on their death bed.

Switzerland- Dancing is the best way to get someone's attention- those who stand in the corner are regarded as suspicious and the next date is generally in the daytime in a coffee shop- or a 'fika'.

Norway- The weather is a great ice breaker here if you are stuck for date conversation- they thrive on eye contact and men appear to be quite shy here- but they are simply respectful of women.

Ireland- Dates usually take place in bars here so expect a to get drunk.

UK- People favour the online dating scene in the UK and Brits often fall into bed with people before dating them. If they find the one they often live with them before marrying them.

Estonia- Valentine's Day is actually 'friend's day' here, so expect your friends to get more attention from your lover than you. Public transport is free to residents so travelling to see your partner is much cheaper than anywhere else.

Latvia- Flowers are never given in odd numbers to dates as this is seen as a sign of morning. A handshake with eye contact is preferable when meeting up with people for dates.

Lithuania- Table manners are of the upmost importance here so no sloppiness when in a restaurant and also not public displays of affection- it lacks tact.

Poland- Polish women are known for being quite stubborn so the men often have to agree to their terms. Dating is quite traditional meaning that the man mostly pays.

Portugal- Never give your date 13 flowers as it is seen as bad luck and never red ones as this is considered a sign of revolution.

Spain- Dating takes a while where with people being indecisive before settling on a date and on St George's Day they give a book or a rose to their partner.

Cyprus- Both men and women are introduced by their families, they rarely meet by themselves and the couple spend a while getting to know each other. If there is as break up and one wants the other to return, they will tie a handkerchief to a tree as they are thought to be magical.

Greece- People with strong family values are favoured above those who lack this and men are expected to woo women here.

Ukraine- Bars and nightclubs are the places to be if you want a chance of finding 'the one' and it has the third most visited McDonalds in the world- so if you are partial to a maccys- then this is the place to be.

Moldova- Beer is cheap so bars and clubs are the hubs for singles and on first dates ladies should receive a bunch of flowers- it's customary.

Romania- Romanian women love to make an effort- so a first date that compliments that is favoured and family is everything so you must impress their folks!

Bulgaria- The man's should always pay the bill if he is interested in a woman and they don't tolerate games so be honest and don't mess your date about.

Albania- Sex before marriage is a no no as are public displays of affection. The Xhiro is where people parade around a closed boulevard checking each other out each evening.

Macedonia- The arranged marriage is common here and music is very important- it's the sure fire way to get someone to like you if you are at one with the beat.

Montenegro- Toasting before and after a meal is common, sow alks after dates is recommended. When any wife enters a newly married couple's home- she must raise a baby boy three times in order to bless the couple with children.

Serbia- Cafes are generally the place you will see most people on dates. The people are known to be blunt- but they are not being rude just honest.

Croatia- You don't call someone by their first name unless you are told to do so and if a man wants to propose he needs to push a coin into an apple to let people know he is about to pop the question.

Austria- Men kiss womens' hands when they first meet and an even number of flowers is bad luck here- so perhaps opt for chocolates instead.

Hungary- Old fashioned romance is what it's all about here- men taking ladies out to dinner for one. Men however are known to be flirty so be careful of their charms.

Slovakia- Men don't open doors for ladies here- they walk in first to make sure it's safe for their date.

Germany- Germans are not into small talk and prefer not to lie even if it spares someone's feelings. A man should take a women (who lives by herself) home at the same time he would if she lived with her parents.

Luxembourg- Office romances don't really happen here as work is considered separately from your personal life. Gifts are not opened if others are present- if you buy your date a present don't be offended if they leave it till home time.

France- Men enjoy chasing their women here, so women naturally play hard to get. Eye contact says he likes you if not then he isn't interested. Getting drunk on a date is not the done thing despite the free flowing wine.

Belgium- You must accept any drink that is given to you and always finish your meal on a date. Chrysanthemums are thought to symbolise death so avoid these at all costs. Men should rise every time a woman enters a room and give up their seats on public transport too.

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