She gets you up early on a weekend- You kissed goodbye to your Sunday mornings in bed a long time ago because she likes to be there when the doors open as 'that's when you get your hands on all the best stuff'.

Does your SO love a car boot?

Does your SO love a car boot?

She talks to anyone- She has no problem talking to complete strangers as she's walking around and when she buys something she swaps her life story with the person she's doing business with.

She's great at haggling- She has a knack for getting bulk items for less and with a flash of her smile and wink of an eye, she has been known to get something for nothing.

She likes meeting new people- She enjoys waking around and getting to know the people on the stalls she's interested in. It takes the pressure off so she can look around in comfort.

Rain is no obstacle- She knows where the indoor car boots are for when the weather isn't on her side. There's no escape.

She makes a day out of it- Then you can take your time walking around and maybe get a spot of lunch afterwards. It's never a short date- you've learned not to make plans for later in the day because you never know when you'll land back at home.

She's dragged you to two in the past- If there are two good car boots on and she just can't decide between them- you will have to attend both. Even if every stall looks the same to you- it's a treasure chest to her.

She isn't snobby about second hand items- If they're within her budget it doesn't matter to her that someone has owned them before- in fact, it adds to their charm and backstory.

She likes to muscle in- She isn't afraid to get in there with the rest if they are crowded around some exciting items. It's every man for himself and she's not frightened to push in.

She gets very excited the day before- And the car journey there- she gets caught up in the idea of not knowing what she might find.

She collects something- She has a passion for something that she can get her hands on for a reasonable price at a car boot sale. It might be DVDs- records, figurines or fitness gear. Whatever it is- she's not prepared to pay over the odds for it.

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