Today is National Beverage Day- a day to celebrate all dirnks- not just the alcoholic ones. If you're prepared to date a woman who isn't bothered about the booze- here are some things you can expect. 

Water is just fine

Water is just fine

She's still fun- She can still make you laugh, join in on the banter and suggest exciting things to do. She can do all that without a sniff of alcohol because she's a confident sober person.

She's a bit tricky to buy for- Because you can't just get her a bottle of her favourite tipple if you've run out of ideas. You'll have to try harder than that.

She's a cheap date- If you go out for a meal, clubbing or to a pub- her and your money will go a long way.

She can never use the excuse of drink- For something she's said or done. She probably means what she says so you should know where you stand with her.

She'll probably be wired following a night out- After drinking copious amounts of soft drinks so don't expect her to snuggle up and go to sleep with you when you get home. She'll probably need a few episodes or chapters before she feels even remotely tired.

She could drive everyone home- But that doesn't mean she wants to- because lifts mean petrol and petrol=money and time. Let her offer the lifts- avoid doing it on her behalf.

Your friends will ask if she's pregnant- Because that's one of the only reasons a woman wouldn't drink. Yeah right.

People may also ask if she's on medication- Again another excuse why someone wouldn't want to get smashed. Come on people.

She'll take 'mixers' to house parties- And make her way through 2 litres of the fizzy stuff while everyone else around her gets wasted. But she will always have an accompaniment to your tipple if you forget to bring some. 

She'll probably be up bright and early the day after a night out- While you're nursing a hangover- she'll have already showered, done her hair, make up, maybe some exercise and want to make the most of the day. While you're laid in bed watching boxset reruns with water, headache pills and carbs till the early afternoon. There may be potential for arguments here. 

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