Adverts will set her off- Anything to do with raising money for injured animals or small children and she will start to fill up.



Celebrations are especially hard- If you throw her a party, get her a meaningful gift or a wordy card- she'll be off.

TV usually ends up in tears- If you watch anything with her where someone dies, a couple splits up or someone is upset about something- it's like she's living their life- grab the tissues.

When she's particularly fragile- Spilling something like milk on the floor will get her going even though it can be solved with the swipe of a paper towel- in the moment it's catastrophic.

She spends a LOT on tissues- There is a box in every room so she is covered for every eventuality.

Her time of the month- You can be lying in bed after a really good day and the flood gates will open- there is no predicting when this will happen.

You should carry tissues- She usually has a stash, however for the times when she runs out- it's worth it so she's doesn't have to wipe her snotty nose on her sleeve in public.

Everyone thinks she's a sad person- Until you correct them- they all think she's desperately unhappy- but really she's just sensitive and empathetic in an extreme sort of way.

She cries when she's angry- Rather than shouting at you or someone else she will cry instead because it's the only way she knows how to communicate how she's feeling- even if it throws you off completely.

Funerals- Don't even.

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