As today is National Science Fiction Day, we thought we would reflect on what you can expect and how to adapt if you decide to date a sci-fi super fan.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Their DVD collection will contain at least one of the following- The X Files, Star Trek, Dr Who or Star Wars or all of the above. And you will be made to watch them at regular intervals throughout your courtship. Just remember for every one of the movies that you watch of theirs, they have to extend you the same courtesy.

If there’s a new sci-fi movie out at the cinema- You will have to go and see it on opening night even if it looks like utter Dalek drool. But you will get your turn too if it’s not your genre of choice- it’s all about compromise.

You might get dragged along to a sci-fi convention- If so- see it through their eyes and how much it means to them even if it’s not your cup of tea. Take pictures of them with their favourite characters, dress up with them to complete the famous sci-fi couple and if you can afford it- get them a little something to mark the occasion. They will love you forever.

They might ask you to dip your toe into their world- Instead of writing it off altogether- try it reading one of their books, watching their favourite programme with interest or playing one of their games with them. You might find you enjoy it.  If they are letting you in- it can only mean one thing- they trust you.

Try to find common ground- There is bound to be one or two TV shows or movie collections you really love watching together- like Game of Thrones or The Hunger Games so embrace the ones you share a mutual passion for rather than focusing on the ones you don’t.

Remember that it’s not a deal breaker- Look at Leonard and Penny in The Big Bang Theory- couples do survive when one of you is a sci-fi geek and the other isn’t, so don’t let that be the reason for your demise. Find other things you enjoy doing together and accept that you have your differences.

They might like to dress up for you- But even if they choose to be a sexy Spock instead of a naughty nurse- who cares? You’re the one who gets to unwrap them either way.   

They’re probably not afraid of commitment- It takes a lot of dedication to watch the hours of sci-fi viewing the galaxy has to offer, or to build up an impressive collection of memorabilia, so they aren’t afraid of sticking to what they know and life which is good news for you.

They are easy to buy for- There is so much merchandise out there that you will never run out of things to buy and wrap for them on special occasions.  

They have a good imagination but are also well grounded- A sci-fi fan enjoys possibility and fantasy, while keeping their feet firmly on the ground which is a great balance to have when it comes to romance as you’ll always know where you stand with them.

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