To celebrate National Proofreading Day we have listed the things you might find familiar (and equally annoying) if you’re in love with someone who’s a sucker for the system and structure of language. 

She loves to proofread your stuff!

She loves to proofread your stuff!

Don't text her messages, email or Facebook her with bad grammar and or punctuation- Or she will pull you up on your lazy use of words. Think before you type.

Prepare for outbursts at bed time- For when she finds a grammatical or punctuation error in a published book she's reading- nothing angers her more.

Your kids WILL be good at English- They won't go to her for Geography or they'll forever be lost but they'll always be able to count on mummy for spelling, reading and writing practice and advice.

She'll tut at Facebook- At other people's posts who have no idea how to string a sentence together.

She's not judgemental towards anyone- Unless they can't spell for s**t.

You admire her intelligence- But part of you wishes her education had been worse- so she wouldn't be so fixated on your and other people's grammatical and punctuation errors ALL THE TIME.

She's happy to proofread your stuff- If you're writing a letter to the bank, an email to your boss or preparing a presentation for work- you always go to her to make sure you don't look like an idiot in front of people who matter.

If she finds a sign with bad spelling and or grammar- She'll take a picture on her phone and show everyone she knows- it will be her talking point for days. She might even post it on Facebook to gather some more laughs from people on her wavelength.

Her Facebook page is filled with funny pictures, internet memes and anecdotes about people getting it wrong- They were amusing at first but now you just scroll past and think- 'oh she's at it again!'

She tells you over and over that grammar and punctuation has the power to save lives- Take the 'Let's eat Grandma!' and 'Let's eat, Grandma' example- the proof is right there!

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