As it’s National Mario Day, we highlight the things partners have to put up with when their over has an addiction to gaming. 

Sometimes you wonder if this is attached to their hands

Sometimes you wonder if this is attached to their hands

You have no idea what the appeal is- You've given it a try- but you just don't see the attraction in gaming whatsoever- however you're glad your partner has a hobby.

When a new game comes out- You know not to make any plans or expect their attention because they are zoned out until they've completed it.

You have mastered the art of 'me time'- When they are mid flow with a game- you have a backup of books, magazines, DVDs and bubble bath bottles on standby.

Waiting for sex becomes a regular thing- You hint to them that you're going to bed in the hope that they will follow you up, but by the time they call it a day- you're in the land of nod.

You're grateful when they find someone who knows what they're taking about- They try and tell you about their character, their level and what they had to do to reach it- but it all goes over your head so you're happy when they can share that enthusiasm with someone who has a clue.

They can get messy- The space around them can look like a teenager's room at times when they have fed and watered themselves without leaving the spot unless it's to answer the door to the deliveryman or go to the toilet.

You know not to engage them in conversation when they're gaming- They won't listen to a word you're saying so you don't even try and save it for when the gaming pad has gone cold.

They're good to take shopping- You can leave them in a gaming store for ages while you venture into other shops and they won't resent you for taking longer than planned.

They have a gaming face- They have a certain look when they're engrossed in a game- it's quite gormless and you know when that face is on- they are immersed in another world and don't even know you exist.

Presents are easy- There is always a new game they want, a piece of gaming equipment or a console upgrade- you are never short for ideas on special occasions. But it's never cheap.

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