Would you?

Would you?

MTV’s Catfish has encouraged a lot of studies into the online dating scene, especially into the lies we tell to get people to talk to us! Voucher Codes Pro investigated and found that 58% of online daters had lied about themselves to impress a prospective partner. The most told lies about their age, job type and children.

Catfish looks at how sometimes these lies can lead to people falling in love with someone who is completely different to what they thought. This is due to the fact that they have never met because the other person has altered their profile.

On average those involved have been on dating sites for about 3.7 years and most had had 2 meaningful relationships from being on the site. A hopeful 33% were still with their partners whom they had met online, however for 21%, they had still not found the love of their life via this method.

Voucher Codes Pro were interested to find out why a fifth had not succeeded in finding a date, which uncovered the truth that 64% of men and 36% of women had lied on their profiles to make them seem more appealing to a potential date.

Men tell the most lies when it comes to employment, 48%, age, 41%, marital status, 27%, hobbies and interests, 23% and kids, 14%.

They embellished when it came to their status, job description, responsibilities and salary at work, as well as reducing their age to go with an old photo of them.

They might have lied about a divorce, or being a relationship already as well as making themselves seem more interesting by adding on more hobbies then they actually engage in.

Finally they often reduce the number of kids they have or say that they have none when they do.

Women also lied about their age, again using an image that was taken in their youth, 52% and altered their dress size, weight and body type in the description of themselves, 44%.

Again, they were conscious of appealing to be a bore and so enhanced the hobbies and interests section to make them sound more engaging.

Jane said:

‘It’s like a cv, you always put hobbies on there that you have not done in years so it doesn’t sound like all you do is sit and watch tv when you get home, this is no different!’

Employment was less of an issue for women than men; however 17% still found it necessary to bend the truth about their status, job description, responsibilities and salary.

A smaller 13% thought that they should lie about their smoking habit.

George Charles, Spokesperson for VoucherCodesPro.co.uk, had the following to say about the results of the study:

“With so many people meeting their partners online nowadays, it would seem inevitable that the temptation to tell the odd porky or two would come into effect at some point. However, the fact that people are admitting they have lied about their marital status and whether or not they have kids did really shock the team here.”

He continued:

“At the end of the day, no matter how well you might think you know someone from meeting on a dating site, the reality could be far different from the fantasy built up over weeks or months of chatting online. Besides, telling lies when online dating is never worth it, because if you end up in a relationship with someone, you’re probably going to get found out!”


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