Looking After Your Mouth and Teeth Will Improve Your Dating Chance

Looking After Your Mouth and Teeth Will Improve Your Dating Chance

You wouldn’t think that someone’s teeth could affect their dating life, but it appears that the oral hygiene is extremely important in the dating arena.

Yellow teeth and bad breath have a big impact on whether you’ll get a date according to Arm and Hammer.

Their research found that yellow teeth are a bigger turn off than spotty skin bad table manners when on a date.

But it’s not just the colour of your teeth, your oral hygiene matters too. Bad breath was the top turn off on a date.

Second position went to body odour and third went to yellow teeth. Interestingly, men found body odour more offensive than bad breath and put it as their top turn off.

One of the most embarrassing date moments is being refused for a kiss, and if you have bad breath, 85 per cent of your dates would turn you down.

 Eighty two per cent of people would also turn down a second date if their date had bad breath.

Most of us know how painful toothache can be, and 62 per cent of people said that they suffer so badly, they would turn down a date because of it.

As well as preventing toothache, looking after your mouth and teeth properly prevents from bad breath and the yellowing of teeth, so start looking after your mouth and the date offers will be flying in in no time!


Cara Mason @FemaleFirst_UK